Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tommy Bolin Zephyr Purple Pyramid 2014

Tommy Bolin & Zephyr (2014) front
Tommy Bolin's legend lives on!
Brent Black /
Tommy Bolin's first big break was with the band Zephyr led by spit fire vocalists Candy Givens. Purple Pyramid is releasing this newly restored gem on both CD and Vinyl. Remixed and remastered has Zephyr taking a second chance at life and the results are amazing. Zephyr was a blues and jazz based band that was pushing musical boundaries from day one. The three disc box is sold out, gone. The single disc is available now with a special vinyl pressing hitting the stores soon - provided you actually have a brick and mortar store otherwise you can order it.
The band is tight, the sound is clean and natural with tunes such as "Boom-Ba-Boom" and "St. James Infirmary." Tommy Bolin checked out much too soon but if you have never heard the Zephyr release then you are in for a treat. Reissues can be feast or famine...Dig in!
Tracks: Sail On; Sun's A Risin'; Raindrops; Boom-Ba-Boom; Somebody Listen; Cross The River; St. James Infirmary; Huna Buna; Hard Chargin' Woman.
Bonus: Guitar Solo / Cross The River; Jam; Uptown; Sail On.