Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Liver Chronicles...My Health, The Music Business, Hamas and Obama

When I get to a million hits my retirement takes immediate effect. Today I passed the first stage in the interview process to try and attempt to qualify for a liver transplant. Should things continue to go well and I receive the transplant then I will spend the better part of the coming year fighting for my life, health and ability to move forward. I will miss reviewing music but it simply will not be in the cards. I hate that.

Is the music business dead?

Another reason I am retiring...Combine sales that have dropped by more than half with the fact that the progressive liberal agenda runs the industry and there is no room at the inn.
These mental pygmies, Obama chew toys and naïve p.c. douche bags will scream bloody f*cking murder if you wish someone Merry Christmas...Take a shot at Islam, a religion steeped in violence and these folks go bat sh*t crazy...I'm tired of it...I am tired of hypocritical douche bags with no career attempting to "f" with me for simply using my god given first amendment right to explain just how f*cking stupid they really are...Truth hurts.

Hamas...These are some serious cowards. Launching rockets from schools? If the Israeli Prime Minister had enough brains and balls he would toss over a low grade tactical nuke and after they start stacking this human filth like cordwood then maybe some of these scum bags would get the message.

Obama...Jesus Christ, the idiocy of this man knows no limits...He makes Jimmy Carter look brilliant and that takes some work. Let's recap:
1. Lied about Healthcare to get it passed so then how good could it be?
2. Lied about Libya and blamed YouTube only to eat yet more crow.
3. Denies all knowledge about every scandal that happened thus far under his administration.

Means Obama is either the most incompetent person to ever hold office or he is the dumbest motherfucker on the planet...Maybe both...

Be well.