Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Liver Chronicles ... What's Next?

On Thursday 8/14/14 I report to the hospital for a thyroid ultrasound. This will focus directly on the area where the mass was found. Doesn't necessarily mean thyroid cancer but it may be or there appears to be some attached to one side of my voice box. The doctors are very concerned and they are being somewhat evasive with me as they simply don't want to overload me any further. They do suspect cancer. My largest hepatocellular carcinoma was only 2 cm in size yet it may be the most lethal carcinoma around. My doctors have said they do suspect it is cancerous.

In less than 30 days I report for the MRI that will determine how many or if any tumors have been killed since my chemoembolization. This will literally determine my fate. If none or not enough were killed then they go back in through my femoral artery and light me up like a Christmas tree with a rather special chemo cocktail and if that still doesn't work - game over.

To say I am a little on edge would be an understatement.

Some artists have played a valuable roll in my fundraising. Some feel it may be some sort of conflict of interest. It isn't. One person helping another shouldn't come with strings attached and those of you that know me understand I don't work a quid pro quo arrangement on anything. I have devoted and donated my time to help independent artists. It is nice to be appreciated.

You can make your donation an anonymous gift. I keep this information confidential.

The goal was met but until I know what will happen with the MRI - I still desperately need your help.

You can use Pay Pal or the GoFundMe widget at and I thank you!