Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Liver Chronicles An Update

Some of you may be a little surprised that I have been posting earlier today. I have started a new chemotherapy drug that helps with the nausea and all the other fun things that come with this disease.

I've made some comments lately that have upset some people. Not my intention...I am not a politically correct person and I never pander. I am rather passionate. Anything I have ever done in my life I have done 100% or not at all. Each review could be my last for health reasons.

Monday I start transplant evaluations. Later in the week there will be a needle biopsy on the mass in my neck which according to blood work 98% malignant (the odds). Some have called me an angry person...Again, you don't get me and you don't know me. I am only angry that I have to give this up but I am happy this drug will at least help some.

It is sad that in this country a person can not express an honest opinion without being personally attacked simply for having morals, values and standards. I have reviewed all races, sexes and orientations and if I judged them in the same fashion some have judged me then this would be one empty web site.

Let people talk. Don't like what they say? Go do something else. Better yet, listen to what is being said and judge it on historical accuracy not on what politically correct line YOU think they need to follow. Freedom of speech is dead. Political correctness killed it.

Be well,