Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Update / Taking Back Ownership

Two days ago my doctor warned me that the tumor in my throat would be getting worse. He wasn't wrong. Eating is next to impossible. There is a drug I desperately need but am still waiting on approval from Obama Care before I can obtain what could be a life saving prescription. Some would say, "Just eat!" It would be nice if that simplistic approach worked but the medical reasons as to why I can not are far too lengthy to list and frankly most of you would not understand it anyway...If you can help the medical fund please consider it.

Obama Care doesn't work...You are nothing more than a social with a pulse. I am an American. I live in the greatest country on earth. I work hard. I play hard and I believe in a higher power. I am not a Marxist. I am not a Muslim. I don't watch Fox. I think for myself and I am not someone that panders to anyone or anything. I am not about to apologize for being what some people would call "politically incorrect." F**k em...That is the problem with America, we apologize and celebrate mediocrity. I don't.

Obama has to go. Call your Congressperson or Senator and tell them if they don't get rid of that incompetent fool then you will get rid of them...Take back ownership of your future. Don't wait for the government to magically turn around, they will not.

Obama is a clear and present danger and an enemy of the Republic. I will work against him until they pry this mouse from my cold dead hands. Be part of the problem or be a part of the solution...

Be well,