Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Update And A Thank You!

Monday 7/28/14
I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and kind donations. I have reached my funding goal. The widget will come down no later than 9/1/14 so if you would still like to help please do, it is always needed. Your help in my funding is invaluable and a couple of very special artists saw to it that I met my goal as things are now going into attack mode.
The chemo is awful. At night I take a fist full of pills, barf, rinse and repeat. I have been "working with" the transplant team but not necessarily "accepted" for transplant due to my cancer. Monday they did a procedure where they went in through my femoral artery and shot each tumor with a nice healthy blast of liquid love - a chemo/radiation cocktail. They said I would be in the hospital at least 4 days. I left Tues...Don't tell me I am not a fighter.
This morning I received a letter recommending me for transplant. I still have cancer but they are optimistic and feel that starting the interview process etc. is certainly worth the time and trouble. Starting the process is a good sign. Acceptance is still not a guarantee as I have to show at least two tumors are dead as of 9/9/14 or we do it again...I also received notice from what is laughably passing as our "government" that disability has been approved and I will start that 11/1/14. This was another tiding of great joy I received in the mail...I am waiting on word from my attorney to see how this all works but 11/1/14 is a way out but still...I won. I sued the Federal Government and they caved. It won't be much but to sue the Government that runs under the Obama regime and win is sweet...
I am trying to write, redesign my site, take my chemo injections and blood work and there is a great deal on my plate and I am running on fumes. But I am running...I am a lucky guy.
Your kindness is being paid forward.
Again, if you would still like to contribute the help is needed but I should close out that widget no later than 9/1/14. I am not a wiz on the computer and I need to find something to fill the holes that will be made and I am simply running slow...real slow. Slow and steady wins the race though!
You can use the widget with my ugly mug or the pay pal link which has been up since day one. The pressure that is starting to lift is like nothing you can imagine.
I am deeply grateful and humbled at the kind donations and beautiful things you have told me.
Tell it to folks while they are here cause you never know.
Again...Thank you is terribly inadequate. This is one of the few times I am lost for words.
Be well,