Sunday, August 10, 2014

Spoon They Want My Soul Loma Vista / Republic 2014

They Want My Soul has Spoon at the top of their game!
Brent Black /
Can a cynical jazz critic find true happiness with an indie rock collective out of Austin, Texas? Why yes, yes he can! Everything seems to be bigger and bolder in Texas and indie rock favorites Spoon have reinvented themselves since a roughly four year absence. Brit Daniel's seems to have channeled a new found confidence with his vocals and the incredibly tight production values send this release over the top to possibly be their finest yet.
Welcome to the land of indie rock rhythm and groove as "Rent I Pay" is a bombastic number that smacks one in the face and book ends nicely with the more dialed down "Inside Out." The addition of guitarist / keyboard player Alex Fischel was a stroke of good fortune allowing Spoon a much broader harmonic base from which to work. Spoon is firing on all cynlinders. Stupid good.
While the classic guitar riffs abound, this is a deceptively nuanced release of texture. Some would argue this is a bit more accessible than previous Spoon releases and that the production might be a little heavy handed with the compression slide. Those arguments fall on deaf ears here, this is Spoon all grown up. The Spoon record you have been waiting for!