Monday, August 18, 2014

Some Final Thoughts On Michael Brown

As new evidence begins to surface that musk like Trayvon Martin, Michael Young was no choir boy words like punk, thug and gangsta want to be are not terribly far off the mark. Should it get you killed? Always too sides to a story and currently mainstream media is trying and convicting this officer before he even get the slightest chance at a fair trail. O.J. walked...not fair but it is the only justice system we have. A cop has split seconds to think before pulling his or her weapon. I don't know of one law enforcement official that will consider race and the injustice of the past when all he wants to do is go home in one piece.

Now we get the king of the race baiting poverty pimps like Al Sharpton not to mention the legal team that couldn't get a conviction on Trayvon. The evidence proved under Florida law the Zimmerman acted "legally." Because you don't like the result doesn't mean justice was not served.

Young would have appeared to have been involved in a robbery. Lay down with dogs and you get up with fleas. I lost a publicists gig over simply expressing an opinion. It is a sad day when one is discriminated against for simply doing his job. If the cop is determined to be guilty then let justice handle this one.

Robbing and looting your own people isn't the answer. That is the response from animals.