Monday, August 25, 2014

Salsa De La Bahia Vol. 2


A captivating sound of  Latin jazz in San Francisco continues with Salsa De La Bahia Vol. 2!

Brent Black /

The Latin sound of San Francisco goes back to pioneers such as Cal Tjader and The Ecovedo Brothers. The new standard bearer for the city would have to be trombone master, label owner and producer Wayne Wallace! To refer to the Latin sound of the city as a hybrid while cliché is certainly accurate. Latin, salsa, and some more tropical flavors dot the harmonic landscape on perhaps the best music city west of New York.

This two volume set continues a more historical look and both the music and dance that makes Latin jazz perhaps the most influential genre in improvisational music today. For any genre to survive and flourish there must be a natural evolution of the core sound which Wallace captures with perfection on his Patois label. For those uninitiated to salsa, the origins are straight from Spanish Harlem in New York. Stellar performances from legends such as Pete Escovedo, Bobi Cespedes and Estrellas De La Bahia allow the music to come alive and transcend genre. Perhaps the best review would come from Wayne Wallace, "Love the dance, Live the music." The perfect bookend to the critically acclaimed Vol. 1