Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rotem Sivan For Emotional Use Only FSNT 2014

The future of modern jazz guitar!
Brent Black /
John Abercrombie has been a key component in the evolution of modern jazz guitar, Rotem Sivan would seem to be the next logical progression. While numerous guitar greats have either stayed away from the trio format or saved the experience till further along in their career, Rotem Sivan has dropped his second trio recording For Emotional Use Only. While the rhythm section has changed, abstract nuanced textures have not. Why does For Emotional Use Work so well? Simple, this is not a guitar trio but instead a collective of kindred spirits that are able to connect on levels most ensembles can merely hope to achieve. A shared harmonic vision. The swing smolders!
I don't write theoretical reviews as I feel oddly confident Rotem doesn't need to be schooled on this aspect of his craft. I write for listeners, the individual that looks to take that harmonic path less travelled. Improvisational music is passion, emotion and a channeled lyrical vision of just how far one can push a melody. Sivan has released ten originals that embrace melodic memories of evocative colors, textures and nuanced shades of swing and sway. Haggai Cohen Milo on bass and Mark Mclean on drums are clearly on the same page as Sivan which allows for crisp presentation with a delicious organic feel. "Spirals" and "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" are that new sound for modern jazz guitar. "Sefi's Blues" is as odd metered gem showcasing versatility and the ability to conduct a harmonic exploration void of pretentious overkill.
The sound of Sivan is a unique voice and while certain influences are unmistakable, Sivan embraces his influences to create an artistic vision for the future. As the year is half over and critics begin thinking "Best Album"...I don't know that one could do much better.
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Tracks: Intro To Spirals; Spirals; Blossom Interlude #1; A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes; For Emotional Use Only; Sefi's Blues; Useless Landscape; Blossom Interlude #2; Pass It On; Blossom.
Personnel: Rotem Sivan: Guitar; Haggai Cohen Milo: Bass; Mark Mclean: Drums.