Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rebecca Martin Twain Sunnyside 2013

Rebecca Martin and Larry Grenadier are magic...
Brent Black /
Sure...Twain is from 2013 and so what...? Good music doesn't come with an expiration date and sometimes being a little late to the party works. Twain would be vocalist Rebecca Martin and husband / bassist Larry Grenadier. Martin is an accomplished singer / songwriter that still doesn't get the press she deserves while Grenadier may best be known for holding down the bass duties with the Brad Mehldau Trio.
Can't really call it deconstructed as they are mostly original tunes so there really isn't a base line for comparison. Organic is a bit cliché and eclectic really doesn't work as the tunes are amazingly accessible. This is the beauty of Twain, music that transcends genre. The long lost art of melody returns. Simple and unassuming yet powerful and soul satisfying. There is a minimalistic approach that allows what may best be described as "indie folk" to move to a different level. Martin's voice is whiskey cool with a slight buttery finish. Technically she is beyond reproach while artistically she moves with grace and elegance in an around each word of her tunes. Martin doesn't sing a song, she embraces it.
Simplicity is indeed the ultimate in sophistication.
Vocals and acoustic bass have been done before. To serve up originals that are rock solid while staying firmly planted on a minimalistic harmonic plane is a rare feat, to do it without an ounce of pretentiousness is unheard of...This is one of those desert island discs.
Track Listing: To Up And Go; Beyond The Hillside; Some Other Place, Some Other Time; Sophisticated Lady; On A Rooftop; In The Early Winter Trees; Don’t Mean A Thing At All; God Is In The Details; Safe This Time; Beholden; Oh Well; A Place In The Country; Honestly.
 Personnel: Rebecca Martin: vocals and guitar, Larry Grenadier: bass; Dan Rieser: drums, Pete Rende: piano and keyboards.