Saturday, August 2, 2014

Myriad 3 The Where Alma 2014

Myriad 3 continues to expand the parameters of modern jazz, the future is now!
Brent Black /
The Toronto based trio of Donnelly, Fortin and Cervini released the critically acclaimed Tell in 2012. Now we have the sophomore release The Where which bypasses the sophomore slump and shows an exponential growth for this cutting edge ensemble. A release of melodic invention and subtle nuances, Myriad 3 takes their eclectic DNA and creates a unified spatial depth of field. Three lyrical voices with a synergy of musical thought. A true collective.
Ernesto Cervini offers up a rich harmonic tapestry with "The Strong One" which pairs nicely against the whirling dervish of syncopated propulsion created with pianist Chris Donnelly's "Brown." The avant gard approach from Dan Fortin's "For All The World" certifies Myriad 3 as a band willing to move outside the box of predictability and introduce odd meters without getting in their own way. Odd meters and changing dynamics have a lyrical sense of urgency, the band gets in and gets out. A minimalist approach to an impressionistic sound.
The sound is on occasion reminiscent of something from the ECM catalog while the modern fusion influences are undeniable. Myriad 3 takes this eclectic approach and by doing so they create their own sound, no other trio sounds like Myriad 3.
One of the best ensembles in modern jazz.
Jazz Fest June 2014