Friday, August 8, 2014

MKRV W.A.Y 2014

Pop music has just gone global! MKRV may be the only act from eastern Europe with the talent to crack the American market and good for them!
Brent Black /
The Russians are coming! A bit cheesy I know but stay with me. Occasionally I will take the harmonic road less traveled and take some world music or even some indie pop for a spin. MKRV is a Russian indie pop duo with a sound that will have heads snapping in their direction in short order. Heavy on melody with clean vocals that move past cultural stereotypes, MKRV has a minimalist flavor that packs an incredible punch. This is a band to keep an eye on.
These are Russian pop revolutionaries creating a sound that has never before taken hold in Russia yet seems tailor made for the hard to crack American market. Coldplay meets City and Colour. Better than one and on the heels of the other. An intimate, organic sound that walks an occasionally melancholy tightrope but in a most effective ambient fashion. The band has now morphed into a trio yet keeps their very fresh and very accessible minimalistic style firmly in tact.
Two standout tracks include "All This Time" and "Your Way Back Home." The reality is that there is an amazing consistency in their release W.A.Y. See for yourself:
Tracks: All This Time; We Were So Close; Your Way Back Home; On The Road; Leave Me Alone; A Couple of Sparrows; Never Look Back; Warmth Around You; Just Keep Your Eyes Closed; Wish I Knew; You Are.