Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Michael Blake Tiddy Boom Sunnyside 2014

Tiddy Boom cover art

Michael Blake is an innovator. Swing that is stupid good!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Tiddy Boom pays homage to some innovators, Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins but this is not just a fiery 4tet banging out some favorites! The band is comprised of Frank Kimbrough on piano along with bassist Ben Allison and drummer Rudy Royston. Blake's talents run the improvisational spectrum and it is this background that allows lessons learned to maturate into something fresh and exciting.

These original compositions capture the spirit of the two previously mentioned pioneers and then moves it to another dimension. "Skinny Dip" is a subtle blues you can use while the ballad "Hawk's Last Rumba serves as the perfect bookend. Michael Blake is as good as you will find with a warm resonant tone and formidable arranging skills. The tunes were written for the musical co-conspirators which is a stroke of genius. A quartet that welcome you to the improvisational land of rhythm and groove. "A Good Day For Pres" walks the harmonic tightrope between the classic Kansas City swing and the New Orleans rhythm and the combination is magic.

There is very little to say about the band as they are all leaders in their own right and some of the top players in improvisational music. Michael Bloom takes the sound of the past, deconstructs and then reassembles the sound into something new and exciting. Flawless.

Tracks: Skinny Dip; Tiddy Boom; Hawk's Last Rumba; Boogaloop; Coastline; Letters In Disguise; A Good Day For Pres; The Ambassadors.
Release Date 10/28/14
I would calendar this one!