Friday, August 8, 2014

Joey Molland Demo's Old And New Gonzo 2014

No real dogs on Demo's Old And New, a remarkable look back at Badfinger legend Joey Molland.
Brent Black /
It's better to burn out than fade away...hardly original and Joey Molland's creative flame continues to burn bright with the release of his critically acclaimed new record "Return To Memphis." Badfinger fans will find the framework for some great tunes that will hopefully see the light of day in a more polished setting while those that enjoy the singer / songwriter vibe that is a little raw around the edges should enjoy some great rock and roll. Recorded at various times throughout his career, Joey Molland's skills as a songwriter are as good as any.
1. I Said It's Alright '92
2. Borderline '84
3. Birdsong '92
4. Cadillac Blues '88
5. Can't Stop '84
6. Clouds of Love '80
7. Isn't That A Dream '95
8. It's True '88
9. Mirrors '95
10. Miss Misunderstood '72
11. Moonlight
12. Panning Gold '82
13. Sometimes
14. Walkin' The Floor '83
15. What You're Doin '73
16. When '80
17. Miss Misunderstood