Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jason Mraz Yes Atlantic 2014

Jason Mraz is back with a vengenance and his finest release to date!
Brent Black /
I am not what you would call a pop music fan but Jason Mraz skirts past traditional pop with a singer / songwriter vibe that is constantly evolving. Pop's answer to David Gray. Yes is a departure for Mraz who seems to have placed his more annoying soulful vibe away for safe keeping and is going a little more straight ahead. John Legend has the soul flavor locked up anyway so good call. Some would say commercial would best describe the release and friends sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. In any genre of music the artist is as creative as he or she feels the need but in the back of their mind they are thinking sales. Some might say passion is lacking and they obviously don't get Mraz. Love is his wheelhouse and this is a release of some of the most solid meticulously crafted love songs you will hear. You can't pay the rent based on passion alone.
The demographic appeal here is huge. The presentation is virtually flawless. Jason Mraz is making pop sexy again and has outgrown the pretentious ear candy commercial platforms seem intent on pumping into the air.
There is actually very little to say that hasn't already been said but after a careful listen allow me to leave you with this thought:
Every man that purchases this release owes Jason Mraz a thank you note. Every woman that snags this and leaves it out for her man to see is sending a message that even the densest man on the planet should pick up!