Thursday, August 7, 2014

Harvey Wainapel Amigos Brasileiros Vol.2 Jazz Mission 2014

Harvey Wainapel Amigos Brasileiros volume 2
An ambitious look at the roots of Brazilian music, a must for any collector!
Brent Black /
Those that roll in my musical mafia know that I love all things Brazilian when it comes to improvisational music. I don't love the stereotypes. Brazilian music is far more than Jobim, regional and even more local flavors dot the harmonic landscape and never make it to what we would consider to be the more commercial end of the market. Truth be told, while vocal music is king there are instrumentalists that still struggle to have their voice heard. Harvey Wainapel and Amigos Brasileiros Vol. 2 is looking to shake things up a bit.
Wainapel takes Brazilian flavor that includes the rhythm and groove of xote, choro infuse and baiao and creates not a new hybrid but a celebratory look at just how deep the improvisational landscape reaches in Brazil. Somewhat of a conceptualized release, each composition has a different ensemble and they each do a rhythmic exploratory over the vast lyrical landscape of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Wainapel is well versed in both saxophone and clarinet and can transverse this vast melodic ground with the precision of a surgeon. The odd metered "Mamulengo" opens the release with a smoldering left of center groove while Weber Iago contributes "Palavra de Menina" which is essential a choro on steroids.
An intimate detailed look at the roots of Brazilian music, a winner!
Tracks: Mamulengo; Boneca De Pano; Nilinho Na Adeia; Palavras De Menina; Triufando; Nas Ruas De Perdizes; Arvore; Procurando Encrenca; Velho Realejo.