Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grand Fatilla Global Shuffle 2014

Grand Fatilla's Global Shuffle may be the best debut of the year!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Improvisational music has taken some direct strikes lately from people that claim the music is dead. Granted the "business" of jazz is hurting but bands like Grand Fatilla are expanding the harmonic boundaries of improvisational music. This Boston based band has been killing it for six years with a high octane "Global Stomp Music." What is that you ask? Global folk jazz with an unorthodox instrumentation including accordion, electric mandolin, double bass and sinter. On paper it can not work. Good thing compact discs are not paper.
Global Shuffle was recorded live in studio and is a world music improvisational tour through Italy, Bulgaria, Argentina, Brazil and North America. Each band member is well versed in their own area of world / folk music sound but then toss in unbridled enthusiasm that seems to document their live gigs in Boston and suddenly you have world music on steroids. The most amazing aspect is given the cultural variety there is a wonderful flow with Global Shuffle and not the harmonic disconnect one might expect. Meters are shifting, dynamics are evolving and the cultural accessibility is through the roof. For the theory junkie, "Cigansko Oro" is banged out in a mind melting 22/16 meter.
Grand Fatilla transcends genre and instead celebrates the similarities in music from across the globe. Check them out at:
Tracks: Cigansko Oro; Five of Swords; Domenie; Alla Carpinese; Bebe; Sandansko Oro; Milonga para Lucia; Kasha; Fracanapa; Corrente; Southern Italian Medley; Little Church.
Personnel: Roberto Cassan: Accordion; Matt Glover: Electric  Mandolin; Fabio Pirozzolo: Percussion and Voice; Mike Rivard: Double Bass and Sintir.
Additional Musicians: Claudio Ragazzi: Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Cuatro Puertorriqueno on 5,7,9. Christian Cassan: Percussion: 1,2,34,9,11.