Thursday, August 21, 2014


I wanted to sincerely thank everyone that read my reviews. I want to thank people like John Kelman, Steve Khan, Ivo Perelman, Bill Champlin and his family....Joey DeFrancesco. Rotem Sivan......Just too many people to list. John Mura at Gannett.....Jimmy Haslip. Jeff Lorber. Peter White. Concord, Mack Avenue.....I am done.....

I'll leave you with some line from Keith Richards that mean a great deal to me.....

"Only A Crowd Can You You Feel So Alone....."

"I've Made My Way To Heaven Cause I've Done My Time In Hell"

"Watch My Tail Lights, There Ain't A Dry Eye In The House....Lord They Are Dancing And Drinking As I Left Town."

Take care.