Friday, August 8, 2014

Carl Verheyen Mustang Run 2014

From Supertramp to solo artist, Carl Verheyen continues to draw critical acclaim.
Brent Black /
When such artists as John Fogerty, Albert Lee and Joe Bonamassa are willing to endorse your work credibility certainly is not an issue and why should it be? As a member of Supertramp, Verheyen is more than comfortable playing to sold out crowds of thousands. Mustang Run is a bit of a departure as the improvisational based release moves into a new progressive train of thought for the accomplished guitarist. Built around rhythm and lyrical flow there are cameos from some top names in the business including but not limited to Simon Phillips, Jimmy Johnson and Stuart Hamm as different rhythm sections were brought in to fit each tune.
The sound is at times scorching and very fusion based with such burners as "Fusioneers Disease" and "Passage to Run" yet the release is not lacking in variety with a more dialed down almost country influence "Last Days of Autumn" and a delightful riff on the Supertramp hit "Bloody Well Right." In short...this is a guitar players record from the opening bell. In the spirit of Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs and perhaps a little Alan Holdsworth tossed in for good measure, Carl Verheyen has dropped a winner!
Tracks: Taylors Blues; Julietta and the St. George; Fusioneers Disease; Last Days of Autumn; Amandola; Bloody Well Right; Riding The Bean; Passage To Run; Mustang Run; Forth Door On The Right.