Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eyot Similarity 99 2014

Eyot continues to expand their global fusion with an eclectic release transcending the self imposed limitations of typical genre.
Brent Black /
Serbia may not be considered a hotbed of improvisational music in eastern Europe but it is home one of the two most exciting bands to emerge from that area of the globe in years. Eyot is a dynamic 4tet that has the uncanny ability to walk a multicultural tightrope between east and west without as much as a bobble. Global fusion is strictly an umbrella term as this formidable 4tet moves through colors and subtle nuanced textures that run the sonic spectrum from their Balkan cultural heritage to ambient fusion.
While most critics prefer artists that can be neatly categorized, labeled and then stored for later use, Eyot continues to draw rave reviews from writers across the globe. Traditionally when a band attempts to work a release within multiple genres and styles there is an immediate harmonic disconnect, not here. No one genre ever becomes the driving lyrical sense of purpose but instead a nuanced ebb and flow of melodic adventure with an edge including the seemingly Nirvana influenced "Blessing." A special land of deep rich rhythm and groove includes "How Shall The Dust Storm Start?" These two tunes open and close the release while more cerebral approach of everything in between can still touch one on a very visceral level.
This is a band that could crush the American market place if given the opportunity yet with the powers that be still operating with both feet planted firmly in 1968 the road will be long and the fight will be hard. The cultural cold war in improvisational music could easily be over with super groups such as Eyot taking the stage.
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Tracks: How Shall The Dust Storm Start?; Druids; Similarity; Pools of Purple Light; New Passover; Nirvana; Walking On The Ice With Iron Shoes; Blessing.
Personnel: Dejan Illijic: Piano; Milos Vojvodic: Drums; Stadjan Milenovic: Guitar; Marko Stojiljkovic; (8) - Pete Judge: Trumpet & Jake McMurchie: Sax & (2) Dejana Sekulic: Viola