Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ernie Watts Quartet A Simple Truth Flying Dolphin 2014

Ernie Watts continues to amaze with A Simple Truth, a lyrical player beyond reproach!
Brent Black /
A uniquely conceptual release that embraces the ebb and flow of the "jazz day" finds this amazing quartet going deep with both orchestral and traditional quartet compositions. The simple truth is that there are few things one can count on and this include death, taxes and the Ernie Watts Quartet as this two time Grammy winner may have created his finest work to date.
A Simple Truth embraces the myriad of flavors and styles that are all such an intricate part of the improvisational music more commonly referred to as jazz. Two particular pieces that bookend well are the haunting Keith Jarrett ballad "No Lonely Nights" and the more blues infused "The Road We're On." The Dizzy Gillespie tune "Bebop" is just that, full contact bebop! The Watts original "A Simple Truth" is a slightly more pensive or melancholy approach that one might feel at the end of their improvisational day. The idea that runs through the release is the communicative aspect of jazz and the ability for a multitude of people from diverse walks of life to find common ground in the emotive feelings this music can bring forth.
The quartet gives a magnificent performance. There is a magical cohesion within the band and within the flow of each composition. Ernie Watts doesn't languish in odd meter to prove a point, he doesn't need to. Watts develops melody, flow and with the innate ability to communicate with his audience by simply using his weapon of choice - the tenor saxophone.
Stunning. Ernie Watts makes a good jazz day even better!
Tracks: The Sound: Morning; No Lonely Nights; The Road We're On; Acceptance; Bebop; Hope In The Face Of Despair; A Simple Truth; The Sound Evening.
Personnel: Ernie Watts: Tenor Saxophone; Christol Saenger: Piano; Rudi Engel: Acoustic Bass; Henrich Koebberling: Drums.