Friday, August 1, 2014

Dara Tucker The Sun Season 2014

Sun kissed soul with an improvisational depth, Dara Tucker is simply stunning.
Brent Black /
The pretty girls all think they can sing, Dara Tucker can! The female "jazz" vocal pack is a tightly clustered sorority of artists whose difference is often measured by the thickness of a sheet of paper. If good singers are a dime a dozen then Dara Tucker is worth a million bucks. The hook here is that Tucker is not a singer, she is a lyrical artist that creates a smoldering dynamic of texture and sound. Lyrics are never sung, they are embraced. Solid original material with a unique tone and magnificent inflection, Dara Tucker makes jazz sexy again!
The Sun Season is the fourth release with the conceptual idea of all original material inspired by the energy drawn from the sun. Nice...For a young artist there is always the issue of credibility, not here. Joining Tucker we have an all star ensemble that includes Peter Bernstein, Helen Sung, John Ellis, Alan Ferber, Donald Edwards and Greg Bryant. Breaking down an artist that may be new to some people is a tricky task at best so let's talk sound. Artistic comparisons are inherently unfair as Tucker does a riff on no one, a truly captivating sense of style and flavor that is her own. Gun to my head, a harmonic happy place somewhere between Roberta Flack and Eliane Elias.
There are a lot of really good singers flooding the market and most are utterly forgettable after fifteen minutes. Rare gifts come along that rich deeper places. One can be taken on a lyrical journey that transcends genre and allows the listener to feel the unbridled joy of emotion that comes from deep inside the human spirit. This is perfection on a shiny silver disc.
Dara Tucker is the perfect storm.
See for yourself: