Monday, August 25, 2014

Cedar Walton Reliving The Moment Highnote 2014

Cedar Walton never made a bad record...Live at the Keystone Korner is proof!
Brent Black /
I love to write a review when they are this easy but what do you say about Cedar Walton that has not already been said? We could start with tenor saxophonist Bob Berg and Freddie Hubbard where absolutely on fire when these recordings were made. Another great point would be bassist David Williams and drummer Billy Higgins were pushing the pocket to new heights. So back to Cedar Walton, you never review brilliance but you do celebrate brilliance and HighNote has done a masterful job with tape to digital transfers thus creating a more than fitting tribute!
There are some gems here including "Ugetsu" and the standard "For All We Know." Freddie Hubbard's "Byrdlike" turns into full contact bebop where no quarter is given. The swing of Billy Higgins on "Jacobs Ladder" has him driving this rhythmic train while keeping all the participants on point. The closer is a foot to the floor romp through the Coltrane classic impressions.
A must for any library!
Tracks: Opening Remarks; Midnight Waltz; Ugetsu; For All We Know; Byrdlike; Jacob's Ladder; Impressions.