Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends Guitars For Wounded Warriors Cleopatra 2014

A fabulous project to help draw attention to a great cause!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Multi Emmy Award winning composer and guitarist Brian Tarquin put out the call and some heavy friends answered! Guitars For Wounded Warriors features such amazing talent as Steve Morse, Chuck Loeb and Billy Sheehan. Tarquin handled production, engineering and the composing duties to come up with a frontal assault with some of the finest guitarists on the scene today.

All of the tunes were inspired by combat experiences of U.S. soldiers with the end result an emotional yet action packed feast for the six string aficionado. What makes the release work so well aside from the talents of Tarquin would be the variety of style and obvious chemistry these guitarists all shared on this project. Consider this an audio diary of the experiences of men and women that allow us to live in the greatest country on earth!

“Black Hawk” — featuring Billy Sheehan
“Taliban Terror” — featuring Bumblefoot & Reb Beach
“Charlie Surfs” — featuring Chris Poland
“5 Klicks to Hell” — featuring Gary Hoey
“Surgical Strike” — featuring The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers
“Hunting” — featuring Chris Poland
“Baghdad” — featuring Gary Hoey
“Broken Arrow” — featuring Alex De Rosso
“Sand & Blood” — featuring Hal Lindes
“Escape Kabul” — featuring Chuck Loeb
“Freedom” — featuring Steve Morse