Sunday, August 17, 2014

Brent Black Is Mad As Hell And Not Taking It!

So....I have taken two days to cool off. Didn't work...

Rick Braun and Rick Scot are both assholes that can literally hold hands and walk off into the sunset.

I lost a publicist gig thanks to Rick Scott. Respect his decision, laugh at his attempt to climb the moral high ground without ever giving me the fair shot at a compromise...But I refuse to sell my soul for a hundred dollar a month gig.

I made some remarks on the Michael Brown shooting which can best be summarized by this statement:

"Don't fight with a cop...You will go home in one piece."

Rick Scott thought I would offend the 65% of African Americans that piss their money away on the smooth jazz cruise to nowhere. This is me caring....

Michael Brown was a thug. A punk little piece of stool that got turned into worm food thanks to a cop that wanted to go home that night. Trayvon Martin was a piece of shit that got smoked for the same reason. I don't and wont apologize for an opinion. F the progressive liberal agenda. I have an opinion and by god you will not silence me.