Monday, August 18, 2014

Ivo Perelman Reverie Leo 2014

The finest improvisational genius of our time...
Brent Black /
Reverie marks an important moment in the career of an artist that may be at the height of one of the most creative moments in his illustrious career. The 25th anniversary of his first recording is being celebrated by what may arguably be Perelman's best work to date. A man who has deconstructed his own ensembles, music, and occasionally aspects of his own persona teams with pianist Karl Berger for a intimate look at the possibilities that are still ahead for this "fire breathing tenor titan!" Reverie is different, not lacking in intensity but instead there is a more grounded force of lyrical intent. These are not duos but more closely resemble musical conversation. There is a zen like spirit that transcends genre. Serenity on a shiny silver disc.
Ivo Perelman does not dabble in nostalgia as he has both harmonic feet firmly planted in the future. Calling Reverie his finest work may be somewhat out of place as having known Ivo for a few years,  I suspect he might inform us his best release has yet to made. I don't write from a theoretical perspective as I feel uniquely unqualified to do so and especially in this case. I don't write for professional musicians, they already know theory. I look for a spiritual connection, does it move me on any level. Taste is subjective and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Ivo Perelman have moved into uncharted waters to create a release that can be both intimate and intense. I have borrowed a page from Perelman's play book. I listen and then I write. I never prep.
These are two men creating some intensely beautiful music. Berger was not previously familiar with Perelman's work but Reverie simply reinforces all you need to do is listen. Happy Anniversary!
Tracks: Transcendence; Contemplation; Pensiveness; Placidity; Reverie.
Personnel: Ivo Perelman: Tenor Saxophone; Karl Berger: Piano