Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vacationer Relief Downtown 2014

One of the better Independent bands working the scene today, expect big things!
Brent Black /
Independent artists from any genre are hit and miss at best...Hit! Vacationer may be the best band to come out of Philadelphia in the last twenty five years. Intelligently crafted lyrics, memorable melodies and imaginative production send Relief to the head of the pack for new music to enjoy this summer. Any reference to a recording as a "summer" release normally annoys this critic more than running out of coffee while working would be hard pressed to find a better release to ease into your summer morning with and the vibe is contagious!
Slightly reminiscent of Vampire Weekend while cutting their own path down the harmonic road less traveled, three songs have ridiculous potential for commercial air play. "Paradise Waiting" along with "Wild Life" and "In The Grass" not only have potential commercial appeal but these tunes could easily cross over to additional genre formats.
Diversity is the cornerstone with intelligently placed samples and for the jazz aficionado there are some surprises as well. Allow me to throw caution to the wind, this band won't be "independent" for long. First rate and a must for any collection!