Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ute Lemper Forever / The Love Songs of Pablo Neruda Steinway 2014

Ute Lemper raises her game and move past the archaic if not ambiguous tag of cabaret singer!
Brent Black /
Ute Lemper has been referred to as a cabaret singer, a somewhat ambiguous term that many people still don't fully understand. Cabaret is not so much a genre of music despite referring to a style of performance, Cabaret is distinguished by the performance venues which can include nightclubs, pubs, and certain restaurants. Ute Lemper has received critical acclaim across the board with her 2012 Grammy nominated release Paris Days, Berlin Nights. With the release of Forever / The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda, Lemper moves away from cabaret status to that of global entertainer!
A smoldering intimacy and contemporary panache have Ute Lemper navigating her lyrical journey through a multi-lingual excursion into some of the most celebrated love poems of our time. The musical mix here is as far from traditional cabaret as one can move as she joins forces with Tango Nuevo composer and bandoneon master Marcelo Nisinman to create a new texture of sound that one might simply refer to as "Nu-Latin." Moving from Spanish to English to French would cause a lyrical disconnect for some but it is the innate ability to communicate the passion of melodic intent that allows the music to proceed unencumbered. In short, you need not know Spanish or French to appreciate or even follow this magnificent and personal look at Pablo Neruda.
There is a distinct ebb and flow, an emotional roller coaster of passion and angst yet all readily accessible to the "average listener." Preconceived notions on multi-lingual music can lead one to miss out on superb entertainment. Ute Lemper is the cultural by product of her own experience. Ute Lemper is not a cabaret singer. Ute Lemper is a global entertainer.
Tracks: La nuit dans L'ile; Madrigal Escrito en Invierno; If You Forget Me; Tus Manos; El Viento en la Isla; Alianza / Sonata; Siempre; Always; Auscenia; El Sueno; Oda con un Lamento; The Saddest Poem / Nr. 20.
Personnel: Tito Castro and Victor Villena: Bandoneon; John Benthal: Guitar; Steve Millhouse: Bass; Vana Gierg: Piano; Todd Turkisher: Percussion; Wolfram Koessel: Cello; Dov Scheindlin: Viola; Jesse Mills: Volin.
Special Guest: Freddy Torrealba