Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tom Petty Hypnotic Eye Warner Bros. 2014

The best Tom Petty since Wildflowers!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Tom Petty...no one is terribly concerned about the occasional lineup changes in The Heartbreakers, it happens. One of the largest selling acts in rock history and still a massive draw for live shows has dropped Hypnotic Eye. Not as good as Long after Dark but not as bad as Into The Great Wide Open. Now a member of the rock and roll AARP club, Petty has evolved into a more thoughtful artist that seems to have channeled the original energy that has Hypnotic Eye turning heads.
Tom Petty has long been known as an activist of sorts and seemed to wear the pseudo Bob Dylan persona comfortably, up to a point. Never take political advise or social commentary from a singer as it normally never ends well and is the equivalent of taking automotive advise from your liver specialist. Rock and roll has a foundation in social morays yet mercifully the pretentious Farm Aid shroud seems to have been lifted with Petty and The Heartbreakers having a new record that should win over new fans and reclaim some old.
4 Stars.