Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Verve Pipe Overboard LMNO Pop 2014

The Verve Pipe makes alternative music mainstream and we are better for it!
Brent Black /
The Verve Pipe has a massive following yet despite their "commercial" success they have remained hidden within the plethora of bands attempting to make a similar musical statement while completely missing the mark. After over a decade of churning out music that has made their fans more than happy, The Verve Pipe takes on a more solidified sound that moves them well past cult status and into the realm of the legitimate rock bands of our day.
"Hits" are plentiful and include "Crash Landing" along with "Hit and Run." The perhaps only weak link in this lyrical chain might be "Latchkey Kid." While the tune is topical, socially conscious and politically correct there is the nagging question which begs "Do we really need this shit in our music?" This is The Verve Pipe all grown up, a socially conscious message takes away from what is an otherwise solid release that should draw new fans if they give it a test run.
The Verve Pipe scores well, some bobbles but none that do any real harm. If you are a fan then this release should hit your sweet spot. If you are looking for new music then Overboard is not a bad place to start!
4.5 Stars