Friday, July 18, 2014

The Liver Chronicles...MRI and ObamaCare

In dealing with a life threatening illness, stress becomes a way of life. Roughly 60 days ago my liver transplant surgeon advised a second MRI was necessary to check tumor growth, activity and this information was vital in determining the next stage in my treatment.

My get well card from Obama-Care?


Since when does the government have a right to determine my course of treatment when I am forced to comply with a law that does nothing more than redistribute wealth to a section of society that has made a living off government charity?

Do we need reform?

Is this fair and "reform" by any logical definition of the word?

I am not an ideology...I am a person. My name is Brent. I don't like Fox, I've never watched Rush, and I have nothing to do with the Tea Party. The irony is that in roughly 90 IF things hold like they are, I am going to be awarded disability. So...they agree I am too sick to hold a job ( I am unemployed with zero assets) but they want me to pay several thousand dollars for an MRI they claim wasn't really necessary? Huh??? Are you serious? This could happy to you...

My name is Brent. I have liver cancer. If you believe in the basic freedoms this country was founded on including never giving up then please contribute to my medical fund here on my home page...Obama said he would help people like me. Obama lied again. A career politician...Go figure.

My surgeon called Medicaid and the claim is now approved!
My surgeon happens to be a life long liberal democrat. This is not about ideology it is about what is truly fair!
Transplant guidelines are different in every state. You simply can not move to the state that is most convenient for you. REAL reform would have uniform guidelines...meanwhile people are dying. Be an organ donor...Please.
Be well,