Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Update...Things Are Heating Up.

I have a CT scan Thursday morning on a small mass found in my neck, could mean the cancer has spread or could be totally unrelated. Nervous...Of Course.

My M.R.I to recheck tumor growth is to happen "any day" and as early as Friday. Again - Nervous.

Not knowing is the worst. Having your heart skip a beat every time the phone rings gets old. So stressed out that sleep eludes you except in 3 hour increments gets old...

But...I have the faith and support of some dear friends and a handful of family members that drives me to continue to fight. Writing is tough, I am making a lot of little mistakes. Encephalopathy is a side effect, your body doesn't get rid of enough ammonia then it goes to your brain. Cognitive skills start to go and sometimes when it kicks in then you simply cant stop it. It is the human version of mad cow...Ever seen the video? Not a pretty way to go. Stress is a daily ordeal. I have had certain artists send me special recordings and the like and this is like getting a second or third Christmas but...not they way you want it.

The next few days are going to tough...walking into the great unknown. I appreciate the love and appreciation and in some cases tolerance I have been shown more than you can know. I hate to leave this at the end of the year but working on Kindle books seems to be a good fit and something I may be able to manage far better.

If you can help the medical fund you can use the Pay Pal link or Funding Widget...Or simple share this on your timeline...It is so appreciated. I'm not going to vanish and I refuse to go down without a fight...Be an organ donor, it is perhaps the greatest random act of kindness you can do.

Be well,