Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Update

Photo: from Monday...Jewish Hospital after I woke up in recovery Just a quick update and a photo after waking up in recovery on Monday morning. They call the procedure a technical success which means with the exception of one "routine emergency" - it was as close to text book as you can get.

In six weeks I get a CT scan which then and only then will confirm if we have killed any or all of the tumors. Friday I go back to the cancer center to deal on a more in depth basis with something going on in my neck.

I am sick...I apologize to those waiting on reviews but my health comes first. Period. Please be patient and please understand that you flatter me every time you ask for a review and every time you read this site...Boggles my mind at times.

Many thanks for the friendship, donations, and continued support. I am paying it forward as best I can.

Be well,