Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Flock Heaven Bound Cleopatra 2014

The lost album from The Flock holds the secrets of what might have been!
Brent Black /
Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears were and are still considered the pioneers of the jazz / fusion movement. News flash...toss a horn section in a rock band and that doesn't make it jazz. Moving on...The Flock were an eclectic mix of improvisational adventure that included strings, pedal steel, and a saxophone. Violin wizard Jerry Goodman later left to join Mahavishnu Orchestra. The band reformed yet the natural evolution of the band did not seem to fully materialize.
Heaven Bound would have been their fourth release but has sat quietly on the shelf gathering dust as time, careers and musical tastes changed at perhaps the most turbulent and creative point in America's artistic history. Tight harmonies, classic rock guitar and the same improvisational spirit keeps The Flock alive and allows Heaven Bound to be a great addition to any library.
4 Stars