Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Bill Warfield Big Band Featuring Randy Brecker Trumpet Story PAN 2014

The Bill Warfield Big Band takes a look at the great Randy Brecker and is a triumph!

Brent Black /

Actually...Trumpet Story goes slightly back to the future paying homage to other inspirations including Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinful, Donald Byrd and of course Randy Brecker. The achilles heel of big band is the automatic assumption of predictable. Trumpet Story moves past the accepted norm with variety ranging from a brilliant arrangement of Hancock's "Speak Like A Child" to the slightly more unexpected conceptual nature of the original performance suite which was to be geared around Brecker's ability to become that elusive harmonic chameleon as style would dictate.

Other notables include the incredibly overlooked pianist Art Hiahara on the Warfield original "A Window That Shows Me The Moon." The deceptively subtle nuanced textures from which Brecker seems to favor take what might otherwise be a better than average big band release and elevate this collective to that special place long missing from the much maligned genre. Bill Warfield's compositions and arrangements highlight that at times there is little doubt simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Tracks: When Janie Takes The Stand; Speak Like A Child; A Window That Shows Me The Moon; Theme For Malcolm; Flowerdale; Sponge; In The Land of Chad and Barbie; Carol; Pharoh's Dance; When Janie Takes The Stand (Airplay Cut).