Saturday, July 12, 2014

Support The Adam Levy Project Lower 48

Artists have their do critics. Believe it or not, critics are artists too.

"Those that can play...those that gave up write about it..."

Adam Levy can play!

I have a long history of supporting independent artists and Adam Levy is a guitarist that I support with an incredible amount of enthusiasm. A resume that includes Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman are just starting points for a true Renaissance man of the creative arts. Toss in journalist and Levy begins working my side of the street but that is o.k. as there is always plenty of room.

Adam is in the middle of a fund raising effort for his new project. Despite an impressive resume and critical acclaim, record labels stopped handing out big bags of money years ago. Music is now an independent business and it is up to the listener to put their money where their ears are. Never complain artists are not getting a chance to be heard if you don't help them.

Please check out this link...This is a great investment in your cultural future!