Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sherie Julianne 10 Degrees South Azul do Mar Records 2014

Sherie Julianne embraces the essence of the Bossa Nova with a remarkable debut release, 10 Degrees South!
Brent Black /
San Francisco is a dynamic cultural mecca in the United States with a strong Latin music foundation. Sherie Julianne is set to drop her debut release 10 Degrees South. Those that roll with me in my musical mafia know I am a sucker for a pretty face, the Bossa Nova and natural talent. Sherie Julianne covers all these requirements nicely with a release that takes bits and pieces of what some may refer to as the Brazilian Songbook and an innate ability to move seamlessly through selections from A.C. Jobim, Joao Donato and Chico Pinheiro while avoiding the pitfall of predictability that similar artists all too often encounter.
The unique tone to Julianne's voice is pristine with a slightly buttery finish that allows her to work as far more than just a one trick pony. Collaborating with the critically acclaimed Marcos Silva elevates what may have been considered an ordinary recording by some to a higher cultural plane as she walks a very demanding harmonic tightrope. Musically the band is A list with Julianne seeming to feed off the natural ebb and flow of some of the worlds most beloved and revered music. While classics such as the Jobim ballad "Bonita" are compositions that Julianne crawls inside to deliver a stellar lyrical performance, the iconic Burt Bacharach / Hal David tune "The Look Of Love" has massive cross over potential and could easily push Sherie Julianne into the category of a multi-dimensional artist. The Marcos Silva ballad "Painting" sets a new standard for more contemporary Brazilian flair while the eclectic "Encontro" from Chic Pinheiro highlights an engaging versatility.
As debut release go there is little to find fault with here, Sherie Julianne is a vocalist to keep an eye on. Way better than "average."
Tracks: Bananeira; Watch What Happens; O Pato; Bonita; Brasil Nativo; A Ra; Encontro; Painting; Maracatu, Nacao do Amor (April Child); O Barquinho (Little Boat); The Look Of Love; So Many Stars.
Personnel: Sherie Julianne: Vocals; Marcos Silva: Acoustic Piano, Synthesizer; Scott Thompson: Bass; Phil Thompson: Drums; Jeff Buenz: Guitar; Mary Fetig: Flute, Alto Sax.
Sherie Julianne
Photo Credit - Bambi Cantrell