Thursday, July 17, 2014

Schwab Soro Neuklang 2014

Smokey, soulful, and oddly sexy...Schwab Soro move effortlessly through a dark yet textured set.
Brent Black /
Schwab Soro would be the duet of double bassist Raphael Schwab and alto saxophonist Julien Soro. This somewhat unlikely of pairs also happen to share a stage with one of the finest big bands in Europe, Ping Machine. The self titled release is acoustic, ambient and with an ethereal base that emphasizes the lyrical conversation that takes place between the two. Offering a description of individual compositions would take away the meat if not intention of the harmonic ebb and flow between these two musical co-conspirators.
To offer a comparison to North American musicians would be Lee Konitz and Charlie Haden. The eclectic atmosphere created between the two is that of a late night sound track of any major city in the world. There is a quiet almost reverent like beauty as the two speak and the compositions develop in a most organic fashion. While trying to avoid the cliché' there is little doubt that simplicity is indeed the ultimate in sophistication. A delightful work!
Tracks: Choral de bienvenue; Carre; Marche vers l'avant; Les gens; Interlude; Valse-farandole; Approches; Confirmation; Sarabande; Les gens.
Personnel: Raphael Schwab: Double Bass; Julien Soro: Alto Saxophone