Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reggie Watkins One For Miles, One For Maynard Corona 2014

Reggie Watkins pushes the music of Miles Davis and Maynard Ferguson to new heights!
Brent Black /
Pittsburgh is known more for sports than music however trombonist Reggie Watkins is working to change that. One For Miles, One For Maynard will be the second release for Watkins as a leader and his first in close to a decade. Maynard Ferguson kept a stable of reliable talent in his band that all came from the Pittsburgh area and Watkins is not much different. Brooklyn saxophone phenom Matt Parker joins in on the fun and is a perfect fit.
Stylistically the music moves from the more traditional to the more modern effects of today while the artistic integrity of the melodies remain constant. Having a long standing association with pop star Jason Moraz seems to have opened Watkins to a variety of approaches that the more traditional players seem to avoid. The Maynard Ferguson "Chala Nata" is given a far more contemporary make over while the Miles Davis "Shhh" is a more soulful groove that moves effortless in a far more inspired groove.
A forward thinking release of great depth.
4 Stars.