Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Peregrinos DP 2014

A globally inspired improvisational feast for the senses!
Brent Black /
Guitarist Raimundo Santander and drummer Rodrigo Recabarren have teamed up for a cutting edge duo that does a rhythmic exploratory on a unique hybrid of Chilean folk music with a slightly more nuanced improvisational flair. Deconstructed eclectic excursions that develop an organic pulse while attacking both the visceral and cerebral with a meticulous forward motion of sound. This collaboration also included critically acclaimed saxophonist Joshua Kwassman who both wrote and performed on the more "jazz" influenced "For Our Last Day" highlighting the versatility and depth of this amazing duo.
For the uninitiated, Chilean folk music is just that. A cultural infusion of certain regions that is handled by this duo with flair and finesse yet with an innate ability to take these amazing melodies and push the improvisational envelope. "Mapu" begins with a percussive heartbeat follow by an acoustic counterpoint that morphs into a harmonic conversation for contemporary culture. The title track "Peregrinos" walks a percussive tightrope with guitarist Santander taking a more angular avant garde approach embracing a distinct Chilean flair. Both Santander and Recabarren are masters at their craft.
Part of the journey as a critic is to take what you know and what you like and move past that. The harmonic road less traveled can be a freeing experience. While North America seems to have a cultural embargo on many artists from South America, I have been fortunate to be contacted on numerous occasions for review submissions. Peregrinos is deserving of a far wider audience and I would strongly encourage you to check out their web site:
You can sample some of this amazing music for yourself.
Tracks: Peregrinos; Huellas en el Cielo; Parsimonia; For Our Last Day; Nino Luchin; Sube; Mapu.
Personnel: Raimundo Santander: Guitars, Effects; Rodrigo Recabarren: Drums and Percussion.