Friday, July 4, 2014

Paul Hardcastle The JazzMasters VII Trippin-N-Rhythm 2014

Paul Hardcastle is back with The JazzMasters VII...yawn.
Brent Black /
Seriously? Do we really need a seventh volume of music where the difference between each can be measured by the thickness of a sheet of paper? The cover art is hideous. I've heard more inspiring music on the Weather Channel. Whew...I feel better!
Paul Hardcastle is a master of melody and never ceases to come up with a collection that thrills his legions of fans, I just don't happen to be one. JazzMasters VII does have a selling point as the majority of the lame vocals have disappeared and what is left is an easy listening recording that does fill a viable niche in the marketplace. "Chill" would be the overly pretentious if not played out term most smooth jazz fans would apply to this recording and they would not necessarily be incorrect in doing so. The sound is pristine, almost too perfect. No music should sound as though it was sanitized for your protection but...taste is indeed subjective.
This release reviews itself as it is remarkably similar to everything else Hardcastle has done. Some would point to the consistency in the quality of a Paul Hardcastle recording, I call it uninspired.
I feel generous.
3 Stars.
 An average recording. Fans will flock to this release, those seeking new sonic adventures will not.