Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paul Brown Truth B Told Woodward 2014

Truth B Told, This Is Paul Brown's Finest Release...
Brent Black /
Most people that roll with me in my musical mafia know that I just don't care for "smooth jazz." Mind numbing predictability and over produced easy listening are simply not how I roll. Paul Brown has gone a little deeper with Truth B Told and the results should pay huge dividends for this highly respected performer.
The one negative to the release would be his vocal duet with Wendy Moten, "Love n Trust." Nothing against Moten, Brown is the problem as his vocal chops just aren't there. Outside of the vocal blip, Brown moves past the more traditional pretentious ear candy associated with this genre on life support and hits some more blues infused regions of his six string soul that raise the level of the tunes and dynamics of what may well be his finest commercial success yet. Cameos are made by Larry Carlton on the gem of the release, "Purple Shoes." Other notable performances are from Dave Koz and Richard Elliot.
A review that writes itself. Paul Brown fans will flip over Truth B Told.
4 Stars