Thursday, July 24, 2014

Paquito D' Rivera Jazz Meets Classics Sunnyside 2014

Paquito D'Rivera creates perhaps the best hybrid of improvisational music...
Brent Black /
To attempt to fuse western improvisational music, Latin and then somehow build this around the discipline of the classic structure has been done before...just not well.
It would take a true virtuoso such as Paquito D'Rivera to tap into his classical training, his Latin culture and his improvisation genius to take on the works of the masters which include Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven. The end result is a sound that transcends genre, a spiritual mix of classical music brought into the new millennium with a harmonic direction that includes the fire and passion of Latin music. The authenticity and integrity of the music never waivers, the intensity is simply taken to a new level.
The sextet assembled is a hand in glove match with the harmonic movement and lyrical sense of purpose that is Paquito D' Rivera. This is passion on a shiny silver disc. To break down certain compositions would be do not analytically dissect cultural passion and a harmonic exploratory, you listen. The smoldering Afro-Cuban flair that flows beneath the surface takes centuries old iconic works and elevates them to new heights of cerebral wonder...
A stunning release.
Tracks: Fantasia Improptu; Beethoven Peru; Adagio; Die Zauberclarinete; Al Fin Te Vi; Las Abejas; Vals de la Media Hora; Nocturno en la Celda; Pa Bebo; E minor Prelude.
Personnel: Paquito D' Rivera: Soprano Saxophone & Clarinet; Diego Urcola: Trumpet & Valve Trombone; Alex Brown: Piano; Oscar Stagnaro: Electric Bass; Arturo Stable: Percussion; Mark Walker: Drums; Pepe Rivero: Piano (8,9,10).