Sunday, July 20, 2014

Missing Children In Nigeria...

Well...been three months and all of Obama's efforts seem to have been in vain.

If memory serves me this was about the time another crisis was looming in his administration or his poll numbers had dropped to something below his shoe size.

Here it what bothers me...

We have missing and exploited children in this country that we do not seem to even mention much less put in the amount of time and effort to find as the young girls tragically taken in Nigeria. Didn't Obama say we were not the policemen of the world?

We put boots on the ground and professionals in harms way to find kids that are probably buried deep in the ground or in another country.

When will the administration make a concerted effort to help our children? Feed our hungry? House our homeless?

Hope and Change? Yes We Can!

You better hope things change the next time we go to the polls. Let's take care of our children FIRST!