Friday, July 4, 2014

Desoto Sense of Space / Matthew Silberman 2014

Cutting edge...A transcendental fusion of time, space and idiomatic styles, Matthew Silberman is a harmonic revolutionary.
Brent Black /
Critics are obsessive compulsive narcissists that seem to only feel better about themselves when they can neatly categorize and label all music finding a path to their inbox. Sense of Space is the digital only release from Matthew Silberman that transcends the often self imposed limitations of genre while bending the lyrical implications of what was once known as free jazz and creating a fertile new harmonic ground on which to tread.
While Silberman's critically acclaimed Questionable Creatures found a comfortable niche somewhere between hard bop and free improvisational music, Sense of Space moves to a spatial electronic beat of a new world drummer. The most striking aspect may be that Silberman turns Sense of Space into an electronic collective of visceral exploration while taking no predominant lead role and with that comes a distinct uniformity of sound that takes on an ambient life that is truly unique in presentation. "It's O.K. To Laugh" is an eclectic if not beatnik infused vibe that flows with spoken word layered over oboe passages. "Tripped" is a deconstructed ambient hip-hop piece on the west coast tip that is as contemporary as it is cinematic in scope. "Ancient Dialog" move to a more global world beat with a percussive nuance that is something you hear with more than just the ears.
The creativity with Sense of Space is off the charts. Each track has a distinct movement, sound, and edge while the entire release seems to flow as an extended cerebral mix of texture and color. A true three dimensional sonic depth of field has been created with an ambient edge of contemporary splendor. Most electronic based or experimental music that is remotely successful is coming straight from Europe. The New York based but L.A. born Silberman has found his own groove with Sense of Space, stunning!
Tracks: It's O.K. To Laugh; Glowing Grey; Ancient Dialog; Martial Meditations; Tree In The Wind; Tripped; Wednesday.
Available 7/22/14