Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mark Egan About Now Wavetone 2014

About Now

Mark Egan is not married to a particular style or genre, a virtuoso doesn't need to be...

Brent Black /

About Now has received surprisingly little fanfare despite boasting such talent as Danny Gottlieb and Mitchell Forman. Egan served time with Gottlieb in the revolving door known as the Pat Metheny Group while the musical resume of Mitchell Forman is far too long to list here. These are easily three of the most talented contemporary players on the scene today and despite the obvious billing as a Mark Egan release, this is a true improvisational collective by virtually any definition.

There is a funk infused impressionistic wave of harmonic symmetry that allows Egan to move effortless in, around and through a plethora of influences while never getting in his own way. There is an artful manipulation of rhythm and groove that transforms About Now from the predictable to a melodic excursion down that proverbial harmonic road less traveled. Long story just doesn't sound like every other bass recording popping today. "Slinky" is a smoldering gem while "Graceful Branch" is an engaging number showcasing the amazing versatility from all the musical co-conspirators.

The perfect storm of lyrical exploration, rhythmic attack and harmonic movement. Mark Egan simply does not make a bad recording...