Thursday, July 3, 2014

Magic! Don't Kill The Magic Sony 2014

You can not kill what was released dead on arrival...
Brent Black /
A little harsh but allow me to explain...pop music seems to be going through a retro 80's synth pop phase. Magic! is a band with potential as there are some bright spots scattered throughout the wreckage of a release that would seem to be geared for females 18-24 and virtually no one else. The sound might be best described as early Sting meets Bob Marley and probably a decent disc to spin at a fraternity party where semi-lethal quantities of alcohol are being served. Don't Kill The Magic is somewhat danceable and occasionally ventures into the indie rock scene but the main problem is the release is simply all over the place.
The band can play and from a purely instrumental perspective there is potential here. The vocals are better than average and with the right management should flourish over time. The songwriting is an utter disaster, a train wreck. Nothing memorable from a band signed to of all labels, Sony. This band is indeed a puzzler. Rarely do I seek out the opinions of others but I wanted to get a general consensus of whether or not I was in the ball park concerning my spin of this somewhat forgettable release. The reviews on iTunes are close to evenly split with a slight majority giving it a thumbs down. The five people that reviewed the recording on Amazon gave it five stars...A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Not a band to give up on by any means, just a release to avoid.
2 1/2 Stars.