Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Landmarq Origins: An Anthology 1994-2014 Cherry Red 2014

Origins CD
While some neo-progressive prog rock groups are guilty of pretentious overkill, Landmarq has taken a far more measured approach taking the genre more main stream.
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Art rock, progressive rock, and a smattering of improvisational influence find the English band Landmarq celebrating their 25th anniversary with a two disc set of their finest.
A tale of two bands...
Very few bands in any genre can withstand a quarter of a century with no changes in personnel. Disc one features current acclaimed vocalist Tracy Hitchings and includes a previously unreleased track "Origins." Disc two features original vocalist Damian Wilson who left the band in 1995 to focus on other projects including work as the lead vocalist for Threshold and work with Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble.
A well balanced package that includes some amazing live performance, Origins: A Landmarq Anthology is consistent and contains the music that made the band famous and some well dropped surprises to welcome new fans into the fold.
Both new and old fans should check out www.landmarq.net for more information!
4 Stars!