Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kim Waters Silver Soul Red River 2014

25 years of consistency results in an R & B winner for urban-jazz master Kim Waters!

Brent Black /

Smooth jazz? No...Contemporary Instrumental? No...Urban jazz? Pretty close! Kim Waters twentieth release as a solo artist will mark his silver anniversary as one of the most consistent and well loved artists working that smoother side of the jazz street.

Some artists will release a contemporary instrumental that is only that in name only. Silver Soul is an R & B riff with some improvisational soul. Strong melodies and every stronger vocals have Waters working at the top of his game with a release that has a clear and unwavering sense of lyrical direction and purpose. Waters' wife Dana Pope and vocal stylist Eric Roberson give inspired performances on "Anything You Need" and "Laying Beside Me" respectively. Keeping things all in the family, "Dreaming of You" highlights young daughter Kayla Waters on piano.

R & B is somewhat of an archaic label and perhaps the wrong way to consider this particular release. This is jazz sexy...Pure and simple.

Tracks: Dreaming of You; On A Mission; Stay Together; Go-Go Smooth; Anything You Need; Cruising Round Rock; All of Me; Fireflies; Let's Make Love; High Stride; A Song For Dana; Laying Beside Me.